Westdale Dental Welcomes You to Our New Website
Change Is Good

Westdale Dental is proud to introduce to patients our new and improved website! We understand that our website is an extension of who we are as a clinic. So, with the new launch, we’ve made some changes that we felt were necessary in order to provide our patients with the best online experience we can provide.

Besides giving our website a new look, we’ve added more content to it. This includes a Patient Education section that will be regularly updated with informative dental articles for patients, and a Westdale Weekly section (that you’re browsing right now) that will feature news and information about our Westdale clinic and staff, as well as anything cool going on in the community!

In essence, our new website is designed to be more informative, as well as more convenient for patients to browse. We’ve also made our site more compatible with a variety of different devices, so you can navigate with ease on your mobile phone, tablet or laptop - whether you’re at home or on-the-go.

Westdale Dental is always looking for ways to improve your overall experience with us, and always encourages feedback or suggestions. Your voice and opinion matters... so feel free to call or email us if you want to talk!


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