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Everyday Care: Brushing Up on Oral Health

Keeping Your Smile Bright after Teeth Whitening Treatment

Keeping Your Smile Bright after Teeth Whitening Treatment
What to Avoid (and What to Do) To Keep Your Smile White

Unfortunately, many of us aren’t too happy with the shade of our smile, as the teeth’s natural brightness tends to dull and yellow over time.
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Is Your Mouth Trying to Tell You Something?

Should I Consider a Dental Implant for My Missing Tooth or Teeth?
Our answer: Absolutely!

Whether you have a single tooth or a few total teeth missing; having a less-than-full smile can have a seriously negative impact on your quality of life. Luckily, our Hamilton dentists offer dental implants to patients looking to restore their smiles back to optimal function and health.
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Is Your Mouth Trying to Tell You Something?

Is Your Mouth Trying to Tell You Something?
Pay attention to these warning signs…

Every now and again, our smiles may give us a hint to let us know if there are any oral issues … and of course, what we’re doing well! It’s important that we stay in tune with our smiles so that we can notice any slight changes when they happen.
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Westdale Is a Restoration with Crowns and Bridges What Your Smile Needs?

Is a Restoration with Crowns and Bridges What Your Smile Needs?
Restore your smile’s aesthetic and function

When restoring the look and function of a smile, crowns and bridges can be an ideal choice for many people. Ceramic materials mimic the appearance of the natural tooth, and have the ability to last a lifetime when properly cared for. Want to learn more about whether a restoration with crowns and bridges are right for you? Read on!
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The Three Cavity Types

The Three Cavity Types
How much do you know about tooth decay?

There are three places on the tooth in which decay or a cavity can occur: the grooves of molar, the smooth outer surface/enamel, or, on the tooth’s root. Here’s more about each type, and what you can do to prevent them!
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Could My Tooth Pain be “Irreversible Pulpitis”?

Could My Tooth Pain be “Irreversible Pulpitis”?
When, and why, you should see a dentist if you experience this

Irreversible pulpitis is a condition that occurs when the tooth’s pulp (the part that keeps it alive) becomes severely infected or damaged beyond recovery.
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What You Need to Know about Root Canal Therapy

What You Need to Know about Root Canal Therapy
We’re setting the facts straight!

Root canal therapy gets a really bad rap… and we don’t know why! The procedure is performed to SAVE teeth that have experienced irreversible damage – otherwise, they would need to be pulled. And any rumor that a RCT is painful is just simply untrue! The dentist or endodontist always ensures the patient is comfortable during their treatment. What else is there to learn about endodontic treatment?
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protect your tooth enamel for life

Are You Doing These Three Things to Preserve Your Enamel?
Let’s find out.

Our surface enamel is a very precious layer of the teeth – and this means that we need to take great care to preserve its health and strength for life. That said, here are three things you should be doing daily to keep your tooth enamel safe and strong!
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What is Root Decay

What is Root Decay… and Am I at Risk?
Here’s what you should know

You may be aware of cavities that form on the surfaces of our teeth, but did you know that they can also form on the roots of our teeth, as well? It’s true… and while it tends to be a more common problem for a particular age group, anyone is at risk if their gums are not in top shape.
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Is Your Dog at Risk for Gum Disease?
This Issue is More Common (and Detrimental) Than You Think

Do you know your stuff when it comes to flossing properly? You may think you’ve been flossing correctly all along, but maybe you’ve been “flaw”sing more than “flossing”! Let’s make sure you’ve got the technique down to a T so that you can ensure your gums are getting the best clean.
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Floss Correctly

This is How Your Hamilton Dentist Flosses!
It takes a little know-how to floss like a dentist…

Do you know your stuff when it comes to flossing properly? You may think you’ve been flossing correctly all along, but maybe you’ve been “flaw”sing more than “flossing”! Let’s make sure you’ve got the technique down to a T so that you can ensure your gums are getting the best clean. Continue reading...

The Absolute Worst Habits for Your Smile
Are You Guilty of Doing These Things?

How many of these not-so-smile-friendly habits would you say you’re guilty of doing? Well, here are reasons why you should quit them pronto if your goal is to maintain a healthy, beautiful smile! (Believe us, it’ll be well worth your efforts). Continue reading...

Newlyweds: Why and How You Can Build a Smile-Friendly Household
It's an important time to start healthier habits together...

If you’ve just recently married your honey, or are finally moving in with your significant other to begin a life together, this article’s for you! Our dentist in Hamilton wants to share five ways that you and your partner can ensure a household of healthy smiles for life. Because if you’re diligent about looking after your smile, it’s likely that this will inspire your partner to be, too… and vice versa! Continue reading...

Do You Grind Your Teeth at Night and Not Know It?
Never Ignore the Warning Signs of Bruxism

Many people suffer from a teeth grinding habit while they sleep... and unfortunately, some are unaware they've been doing it. Fortunately, a bruxism problem can be identified by the dentist at your routine check-up... and you can look out for these signs. Continue reading...

Is It Time to Swap Your Toothbrush Out for a New One?
Let's find out...

If you've been using the same toothbrush for longer than a few months, you might want to read this. Continue reading...

What Could Be Causing My Tooth Pain?
Not All Tooth Pain is Created Equal

Is your tooth pain just a sign of typical sensitivity, or could it be something more serious? We can help you sort the cause(s) of your discomfort. Continue reading...

Are Your Gums Receding?
Here's What You Should Know

Gum recession is a common oral health condition, especially in adults. However, just because it's relatively common doesn't mean that we shouldn't take the necessary steps to prevent it... Continue reading...

Manual vs. Electric Toothbrush
Who will in this showdown?

When it comes to achieving excellent oral health, should you really be using an electric toothbrush, or a traditional manual one? Let's compare the two. Continue reading...

These Foods May be Healthy, But They're Bad for Your teeth
Nutritious and... Destructive?

You may be doing great for your body by eating these healthy foods, but you might actually be doing harm to your teeth! Continue reading...

I Brush and Floss Regularly, Why Do I Still Have Cavities?!

So... you brush and floss every day, but can't seem to avoid those relentless cavities! Here's why this may be the case for you, and what you can do about it. Continue reading...

What Are The Warning Signs of Gum Disease?

Every patient should know the warning signs of periodontal (gum) disease so that they can take preventive action right away. Do any of these signs sound familiar? Continue reading...


Fun Facts and Dental Wisdom

Healthy foods for smile

Eat These Seven Foods for a Healthy Smile
Dental-Friendly Yums to Smile About!

You’re probably already aware of the kinds of foods you should stay away from if you want to protect your teeth. This time, let’s talk about the bright side of food and oral health! Here are seven foods you should eat for a healthy smile. Continue reading...

What's Your Gum Type... and What Does It Mean?
Not all Gums are Created Equal...

What's your "Periodontal Biotype"? Read this and discover more about your gums! Continue reading...

Trouble Getting Numb at the Dentist's?
You're Not Alone!

For some people, it can take much longer to get numb with local anesthesia... whereas for the average person, it's quite a simple task. But why? Continue reading...

Top 3 Misconceptions about Oral Health
Have You Been Believing These Fibs?

Let's see how many of these three top dental fibs you believe to be true! Continue reading...

Do You Have the "Dental Fear" Gene?
Study suggests that dental phobia may be hereditary

Is your dental anxiety hereditary? Well, there's a study that suggests it just may be... Continue reading...

Family Health

Making Oral Health More Fun for Your Child
Get Them Smiling About Their Smile!

Oral health care is extremely important in all stages of life – but it’s especially important to instill good oral hygiene habits in children so that they’re likely to continue them into adulthood. With that said, check out these 5 simple ways that you can make oral health care more fun and exciting for your little one! Continue reading...

Living a Better Life with Dentures
Is This Restoration Right For You?

It can be a very distressing experience to lose several teeth. A smile should be full in order to function optimally, and missing teeth can lead to trouble with speaking, chewing, and overall confidence in a patient. Thankfully, our Hamilton dentist does dentures! Continue reading...

The Facts about Baby Bottle Tooth Decay
Protect Your Child's Little Teeth

While your child's baby teeth aren't permanent, they still need proper care and love! Baby bottle tooth decay is one condition that many children unfortunately experience, and their adult (permanent) teeth can experience the consequences of this, too. Continue reading...

The Not-So-Sharking Truth about Shark Teeth
Are you seeing double when you look inside your child's mouth?

Have you ever noticed TWO rows of teeth in your child's mouth? Don't be alarmed! Here's what you should know. Continue reading...

Second hand Smoke and Dental Decay Risk in Infants

Is your child subject to second hand smoke? Second hand smoke may not just be responsible for a number of general health issues in children, but may actual increase an infant's tooth decay risk. Continue reading...

Confident Smiles

Preserving a White and Beautiful Smile
Here's What to Avoid (and What to Do) To Keep Your Teeth Bright

In order to preserve the stunning results of a whitening treatment, or prevent teeth staining in general... there are certain foods and drinks that one should try to avoid. Continue reading...

Why Can't I Get Rid of My Bad Breath?
Fight Your Halitosis for Once and for All!

Do find yourself inching back while having a face-to-face conversation? Have you needed to rely on breath mints day after day to conceal your halitosis problem? The truth is, you don't need to suffer. Continue reading...

5 Top Dental Regrets People Have
Overcome Your Dental Blues

How many of these dental regrets can you say you have? You can't change the past, but you definitely change how you care for your smile today! Continue reading...



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